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Kortek Electronics Ltd is the leading Korean consumer electronics manufacturer in India combining key innovations with unparalleled experience, delivering high quality cost effective solutions for the consumer electronics market. Established in 2000, Kortek Electronics has provided its consumer a wide range of products with outstanding customer centricity and service by taking ownership and deliveries on commitments. The product range encompasses LCD/LED TV, Set top boxes, DVD players and Karaoke entertainment systems. Kortek operates 2 world class manufacturing factories in India.

Kortek is the pioneer in the field of Karaoke products in India. It is selling state of the art Karaoke products in the Indian market since 2005. It has revolutionised the lives of music enthusiasts and budding singers alike. It has provided platform for self-learning and thereby enhancing their singing skill by many notch higher.

Why Us?

We have launched the latest products under “Magic Mike” brand keeping in the mind the preferences of Indian music lovers. It provides the fine blend of classical songs, songs from golden era up to the latest songs much to the liking of all the classes of music lovers. It contains the songs from all the great singers from previous years till most recent times. It has transformed the lives of countless number of music lovers from all the genre and would continue doing so. The songs in our products are recorded in digital MIDI format which exudes the soothing music and act as a tranquiliser for our much stressed life. The products are good for solo singers to group singing to party celebration alike.

Now we are relaunching our pioneer and the most admired brand “Magic sing” with more songs and latest features. This product is again set to revolutionise the Karaoke market.

Enjoy our great musical products and discover a singer within you.

Welcome to the world of Karaoke singing.

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